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so while I’m working on this Pacific Rim fanart (remember to blacklist spoilers if you haven’t seen it yet, I promise I’m good about tagging!!) I just thought of another thing about the movie I really liked and I wanna write it down because I’m trying to get better about articulating my thoughts on stories/media so I can bring that knowledge back to my own work, hopefully? ANYWAY

I remember reading a post where del Toro said that he wanted the movie to be positive and inspiring to kids; he wanted them to come out of the theater thinking “I want to be a jaeger pilot,” right? I could totally see that in the way the opening voiceover with Raleigh and his brother was written—he mentioned that they were never star athletes, they were never the best students, but they excelled as pilots because they understood each other and could work together so well.

Guillermo del Toro built a world where there are a few exceptional people who do a really awesome thing, and those people aren’t exceptional because they’re the smartest or the strongest, they’re exceptional because they can empathize really deeply with another person. He’s telling kids that they can be awesome and special by working together with other people and understanding them rather than trying to be better than them UGH THAT JUST MAKES ME SO HAPPY

I feel like I was raised to base my self-worth on how much of a talented special snowflake I could be, or on striving to be the smartest and most educated person in the room, but that shit only makes you insecure as an adult. So it’s just really nice for me to see someone making an awesome movie that’s telling kids that collaborating is more important than being better than everyone else. I wish I’d heard that message more often when I was younger.

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