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cherusii replied to your post: This box of goldfish says “servings per container:…
I don’t know if I’m reading this incorrectly or misunderstanding something but you eat goldfish??

Oh lmao no not actual goldfish, I meant goldfish crackers.

They are my primary form of sustenance.

  1. ally-wonderland said: One day I will cook for you all the delicious food okay. One day.
  2. cryptovolans said: GOSH YES I LIVE OFF OF GOLDFISH TOO. They have been many a meal for me this semester.
  3. spiral-shark said: literally the best
  4. rampaigehalseyface said: but do you know the goldfish jingle by heart?
  5. korragasmic said: xDDDDD good that’s cleared up. I’ve never had those before ._.
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