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He found it in an alleyway one night.

He’d stumbled around the side of the building looking for a place to puke his guts out, now that he’d finally been kicked out of the place. His stomach churned violently and he lurched forward, knocking aside a row of trashcans like dominoes. They clattered and rolled a few feet down the alley, leaving the grimy wall exposed. That’s when he saw it.

It must have been flung back there during a fight and forgotten when its former owner was dragged away by the police. Or the task force. Or even the Avatar and that posse of hers. Such incidents were becoming more and more commonplace; not a night went by in Republic City without the roar of Equalist Satobikes and the pursuing wail of sirens.

He stared at it, thinking of that night at the arena, remembering the flashes of blue light in the stands, turning the crowd’s cheers into screams. His first thought was to pick up the stupid thing and toss it at one of the overturned trashcans, but when he reached for it he found himself slipping it over his right hand, and for a moment was perturbed by how well it fit.

Electricity wasn’t his element, of course. He didn’t feel lighting course through him the way he used to feel the tides crashing inside. But it was a temporary solution, he told himself. It would do for now. Until he had the real thing again.

Here’s my contribution to “things Tahno could have been doing offscreen in episode 8.” Forgive me for the shoddy prose; I haven’t practiced writing in ages, so I’m really rusty!

Equalist gloves are confusing as hell to draw. I can’t even imagine animating one @___@ 

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